How to Practice Any Piece of Music

Hi guys today I will be sharing the basic practice routine that I used to get really good results in Certificate of Performance and pass the AMusA in piano. I hope these tips can help you along on your piano journey.

  • Step 1. Practice the piece one page at a time.
  • Step 2. Start practicing slowly and separately, starting off with the right hand and following with the left
  • Make sure to lift your fingers up for clarity.
  • Step 3. After that, begin practicing the one page, separately in the 4 main forms of dotted rhythms
  • This should improve the consistency and flow of the piece so that every note is even.
  • First start with the right hand followed by the left hand.
  • Do dotted rhythms separately.
  • Then proceed to doing rhythms together.
  • Step 4. Play the one page piece slowly in the 4 main dotted rhythms.
  • This should increase the evenness of your playing, and improve the consistency.
  • Make sure to play piece in dotted rhythms, slowly and lifting the finger with wrists up for the clarity and clean notes.
  • Step 5. Play the one page piece in time with the metronome.
  • It should be smooth and consistent making sure you lift up your fingers.
  • Increase the speed each week until it reaches the correct speed on the metronome.
  • Step 6. Repeat the process with the next page until you finish the whole piece.
  • Step 7. Memorize.
  • To develop memory, every time you practice a page.
  • Try to play the page you have just practiced for memory. – Trying to include all the expressive details on the page.
  • Step 8. Repeat the process with the next page until you finish the whole piece.
  • Cumulatively add each page of music you have practiced to your memory until you have memorized the whole piece of music.

Bryan Ng | Head of Piano Education