How to Prepare for AMEB Exams

  • Practice Instruments Everyday for 1 hour to keep skills sharp.
  • Step 1. Learn notes and include all the stylistic details listed on the page like dynamics and phrasing.
  • Step 2. Practice slowly at first and play the song in 4 different dotted rhythms so that the music sounds even and not choppy.
  • Step 3. Perform song slowly at first, keeping in time with the metronome speed.
  • Step 4. Gradually increase metronome speed until you reach the correct speed of the piece.
  • Repeat Steps 2-4 everyday.
  • Once song is mastered, develop memory with steps 5 and 6.
  • Step 5. Do steps 2-4.
  • Step 6. Each time you do steps 2-5 with each page of music; play the part you have practiced for memory.
  • Step 7. As you increase pages, practice the song for memory until you have reached the end of the section you have just practiced.
  • Repeat until the whole song is memorized.
  • Step 8. Perform on the street or competitions for confidence and experience.
  • Step 9. Crush the exam, and then wow the examiners with your memory skills.
  • Takes 1 year to master repertoire of songs.

Bryan Ng | Head of Piano Education