How to Teach Piano/Lesson Plan

This method has helped me over the years to teach my students from the ground up. Hopefully this guide can be of some benefit to you in your piano

  • Step 1. Warm up with the Hanon. Listen to the student, whether the student’s speed for the Hanon is correct.
  • Step 2. Prescribe a new Hanon for the student to practice for the next week.
  • Step 3. Listen to student’s scales which were prescribed last week, make sure the scales wave up to speed.
  • Step 4. Prescribe a new set of scales for the student to learn properly – get up to speed.
  • Step 5. Listen to student’s pieces, critique it and find some things to improve upon.
  • Step 6. Critique student’s performance and practice slowly with them, using 4 different dotted rhythms with lifted fingers for clarity.
  • Step 7. Prescribe a new song for the student to practice this week.
  • Step 8. Listen to student’s other pieces and repeat the same process.
  • Step 9. Practice Aural Skills and Sight Reading.
  • Step 10. Ask student to research general knowledge.
  • Composers style
  • Period Characteristics
  • Composer’s Works

Bryan Ng | Head of Piano Education